Before You Decide

01_lighterAs a landowner, several potential purchasers may approach you. Legitimate developers, such as the Holt Group, aim for a win-win solution for both our company and the seller.

Unfortunately, not every developer operates this way. Potential purchasers, without the financial ability or development experience, may try to obligate you contractually, knowing they don’t have the ability to close the purchase.

Other companies may ask you to sign a lengthy bias contract, which allows them to walk away from the project with no compensation to the seller. At Holt Group, we welcome your attorney’s review of our contract.

Honesty & Integrity


The Holt Group has the experience and means to develop property in an informative and efficient manner. We deal with all clients in an honest, forthright way. By reviewing our credentials, you’ll find the strong foundation that is key to the success of our projects.

Our Partners

Throughout our years of experience, the Holt Group has assembled a team of experts to ensure each step in the process of developing your land is overseen by the top professionals in their industry: